Retrospective of the XII International PR-Festival: panel discussion «Social networks – do we sell products or ideas?»


Social networks today are not only the most accessible communication channel, they also operate successfully as effective tool for promotion and implementation of ideas, goods and services.

XII International PR-Festival: results and impressions


On 10-11 April, 2014 Kiev hosted the XII International PR-Festival, which traditionally has collected nearly 200 leading Ukrainian specialists in the field of public communications. Despite the difficult situation in the country, the festival was successful – the guests from the UK, Germany, Latvia and Russia arrived as scheduled.

Fakes: control on the line


The last few months, Ukraine is at the epicenter of the information war. And one of the most frequently used its tools are fakes. In this case it is not about fake celebrity pages in social networks or fake sites. Much greater danger today is spreading false information that floods primarily Internet, and then is picked up by other media.

Brainstorm on «Searching the Ukrainian national idea»: within the «Day of politics» at the XII International of PR-Festival


One of the key thematic sections of «Day of Politics» at the XII International PR-Festival will be a discussion of «National idea for Ukraine». It will consist of two separate but logically related sessions – «Socio-philosophical aspect» and «Political aspect».