Panel discussion «Visual communication in a world where people unwilling to read»


«Infographics allows people to manage their time». In the XXI century there is more and more information but less time to perceive it. Traditional media and internet solves this problem by replacing the usual text format with graphic language of objects and symbols.

Panel discussion «Ukrainian journalism: professionalism, social responsibility, censorship/self-censorship?»


In the first section debate on «Ukrainian journalism professionalism, social responsibility, censorship/self-censorship?» representatives of all the main areas of the mass media took part: traditional television, Internet TV, Internet information portal, news agency.

Retrospective of the XII International PR-Festival: panel discussion «Social networks – do we sell products or ideas?»


Social networks today are not only the most accessible communication channel, they also operate successfully as effective tool for promotion and implementation of ideas, goods and services.

XII International PR-Festival: results and impressions


On 10-11 April, 2014 Kiev hosted the XII International PR-Festival, which traditionally has collected nearly 200 leading Ukrainian specialists in the field of public communications. Despite the difficult situation in the country, the festival was successful – the guests from the UK, Germany, Latvia and Russia arrived as scheduled.

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