Brainstorm on «Searching the Ukrainian national idea»: within the «Day of politics» at the XII International of PR-Festival


One of the key thematic sections of «Day of Politics» at the XII International PR-Festival will be a discussion of «National idea for Ukraine». It will consist of two separate but logically related sessions – «Socio-philosophical aspect» and «Political aspect».

Andriy Sadovy will talk to participants of PR-festival


Lviv Mayor via videoconferencing will join the panel discussion «Test for SM-sincerity: behaviour of politicians in social networks during the crisis» within the second day of the XII International PR-festival, which is devoted to the search of the national idea and social harmony.

Business communications with a plus sign


At the first day of the XII International PR- Festival the section «Effective Business Communications» is planned. Participants will detail the overall theme and offer their own «recipes» how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business using various communication tools.

Ukrainian media market and social media


Development trends will be considered by participants of the thematic section «Media literacy» under the XII International PR-Festival program.