Message from the Steering Committee


Dear Colleagues! Dear Friends! It seems that just recently we met you at the XIth International PR-Festival, and now you are welcome to the XIIth Festival. Time passes very quickly. Nevertheless, there is at least one positive feature in this – it is the new chance to meet together, to communicate, to congratulate each other with new achievements, and to talk on the matters which are so most important for us.

The Xth International PR festival gathered together hundreds of PR specialists from all around the world


On April 6-7, 2012 in the Puscha-Ozerna near Kiev one of the most expected events on Ukrainian marketing and public relations market was held. We are talking about the Xth International PR festival. The uniqueness of this event was in its multi-formatness: direct video connections from different countries and online broadcasting in the Internet have greatly expanded the audience of the festival.

Lost things of the Festival


Dear friends! Here is a short announcement for those who, in the heat of a hot debate at the Xth International Festival of PR, could have forgotten any personal belongings. If it’s about you, don’t hesitate to contact the organizing committee of the festival.

Making Xth International PR Festival photo bank


Dear participants of the Xth International PR Festival! During the event, you probably paid attention to how our photographers worked. The photo materials they have collected are being processed and later will be presented to all participants of the festival.