International PR-Festival will be held on April 14, 2016:
registration is open


On the 26th of February, 2016 a program of the 14th International PR-festival was finalized by a special resolution of the Steering committee. Just as the last year the Festival will be held under the motto «The Art of Dancing in the Rain» and the content of the event will be presented within one day.

A Word from the Organizing Committee of the 14th International PR Festival


Dear friends! The new year of 2016 has started its countdown, and we, without procrastination, turn up our sleeves and get down to the preparation for the next, fourteenth, International PR Festival.

The program of the XIIth International PR-Festival has been approved


The program of the XIIth International PR-Festival «The Art Of Dancing In The Rain» has been approved. In 2015, given the challenging present situation, all the events of the coming forum will be held in one day.

New TV Formats: Reality and Prospects Panel discussion «Internet TV – does the life exist out of Maidan?»


During Euromaidan all Ukrainian media has been covering the current events at the «forefront of the revolution.» However, only some were fully in accordance with the ethics of journalism, had managed to fulfil the informational mission, refraining from promotion and imposition of personal opinion to the watching and reading audience. Among such responsible information sources appeared to be, and in particular, Internet TV.