Domanskiy Andrey

TV presenter, showman

He started his career as a DJ on "Prosto Radio", the popular Odessa radio station. In the 2000’s, his TV career started. He participated as a presenter in such TV programs on the "Novyi Kanal" channel as "Wake up", "The truth only?", "Who is against the blondes?", "Intuition", "Bright minds", "The Lord of the Mountain", "Star Factory" 1 and 3. In October 2010, he started working at 1+1 TV channel where he was a presenter in such entertaining shows as "Two million show", "Mine will be able" (with Vera Brezhneva), "Give beans to the presenter", "Ok then, see you!" Since 2011, the presenter of the projects "Voice of the Country" and "Voice of the Country. Kids".  Since January 2014, he’s been working on the Inter TV channel. Since then, he was the presenter in such projects as "Lunch Mate", "Mentor ", "Good Evening on Inter", "Watch out, kids". Currently, in cooperation with his friend, the chef Andrey Dromov, he is the presenter in the culinary show "Cooking Together", and in cooperation with his colleague Andrey Danilevich, of the kids talent show "Coolest of all". In 2008, the laureate of the "Teletriumf" award in "The Best Entertainment Show Presenter" nomination.