Lysenko Svitlana

Founder and CEO of medical cosmetology clinic ESTHEL

Senator of European Economic Senate. Svetlana Lysenko graduated from Kharkiv Medical University, her major being a dermatologist- venerologist. She can boast more than 20 years of experience in working in cosmetology. Her main activities are non-surgical methods of treatment and rejuvenation. She is an expert in laser technologies in cosmetology. Svetlana Lysenko is President of the Ukrainian Medical Lazer Association. She is a permanent participant of congresses and seminars of the area in Ukraine and abroad. As a business consultant, she took part in establishing a number of large facilities of beauty industry. She is an expert of TV-projects about cosmetology. She holds more than a hundred certificates and diplomas. Svetlana Lysenko is the founder and publisher of VESNA, the first Ukrainian magazine about modern cosmetology for consumers.