History of Festival

International PR-Festival has been successfully held for more than 10 years and is unprecedented in Ukraine. Year in year out the Festival gathers more and more new participants and partners, gradually making rapid progress. Here, in this section, we are proud to show you our landmark milestones.
2012, Kiev

2012, Kiev. «Pushcha-Ozerna» Health Resort

On April 6-7, 2012 in the Pushcha-Ozerna near Kiev one of the most expected events on Ukrainian marketing and public relations market was held. We are talking about the Xth International PR Festival. The uniqueness of this event was in its multi-formatness: direct video connections from different countries and online broadcasting in the Internet have greatly expanded the audience of the festival. In general, there were about 300 participants and speakers – leading experts from the PR industry of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Bulgaria, USA, as well as the Baltic countries – who took part in the festival both personally and due to modern means of communication.

«As we expected, the Festival has taken under his wing hundreds of the most successful representatives from PR industry along with related industries – marketing, journalism, sociology, IT-segment, etc. Dozens of companies showed their interest in supporting the festival, and we’re very grateful to all of them for the assistance in organizing such a big event», – said Yelena Derevyanko, vice-president of the Ukrainian PR-League, co-founder of PR-Service Agency (a company – the organizational partner of the festival).