Pashayev Osman

Journalist and trade-union figure

Began his work on television as the leader of the airs of studio of a broadcasting in krymskotatarsky language of State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company «Crimea». After graduating from school of news «Internyyus» in Kiev started working as the reporter in studio «12 minutes of news» State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company «Crimea». Worked in the «Windows» program at the STB channel, «Inter's» news, the 5th channel, NTN. In 2011 worked as the special correspondent at TVi. Since 2011 works as the head of information service of ATR TV channel in Simferopol. In 2009 Othman Pashayev was elected the chairman of labor union of «Mediafront» where primary cells of labor union are created: STB, «1+1», Broadcasting Company «Ukraine», TONIS. Othman Pashayev known for journalistic investigations and provocations. Since August 2011 headed information broadcasting on the first ATR krimsko-tatasky TV channel. Since May 2013 Bureau Chief ATP in Turkey.