Functionality of a Modern PR-Pro: An Expert’s Opinion


Under modern conditions, a PR-expert’s job, in addition to all of its professional functions, presupposes skills and knowledge that can hardly be considered a part of purely public relations.

Jury Has Made Its Decision on Results of Forth National Rating of Corporate Reputation Management Quality “Reputation ACTIVists”


A decision has been taken on the results of the 2017 National Rating of Corporate Reputation Management Quality “Reputation ACTIVists”.

AR & VR Technologies of Tomorrow at the Service of Today


A considerable part of the XVI International PR-Festival agenda will this or that way be dedicated to technologies which were considered purely as the groundwork for “the future” not so long ago. Yet, our experts are ready to prove that the future is here to stay.

Nicholas Tymoshchuk to Become Special Guest of XVI International PR-Festival


Nicholas Tymoshchuk, Chief Executive Officer of the UFuture Investment Group, will become a special guest of the XVI International PR-Festival.