Olena Osypchuk

PR manager at WOG filling stations chain

 Olena Osypchuk possesses a wide range of organizational and managerial skills and is a PR expert in various spheres, from interaction with government agencies to corporate work including Ukrainian and international companies.

 In the WOG company, Olena has succeeded in introducing innovative solutions in internal communications and transforming the corporate culture. Also, she has built an effective system of anti-crisis solutions.

 A number of important projects, including opening of new units – WOG and WOG CAFE filling stations, a welfare initiative “A Way to Heart” which raises over 1 bln. UAH annually – have been implemented with her active participation. Olena’s team has also made a substantial contribution in the company’s winning acclaim at national and international competitions and contests. One of the most important ones is Real Innovation Award 2018 (UK) where WOG secured a victory in the category of innovative solutions in business.